My name is Lisa Janssen and I teach Dutch as a First and Second Language in both group courses and private lessons. I studied the Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam where I now work as a Dutch lecturer. Furthermore, I develop and teach corporate courses and workshops for several high end financial, real estate, and IT companies in the Netherlands. I enjoy working with students from all over the world, as I meet new and inspiring people every month.

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Interactive and customized courses

My aim is to create a safe learning environment where students can speak and learn without inhibitions. This includes taking my students to the museum or organizing other interesting field trips, and making sure my practice exercises are tailored to my student’s living and working environments.

Develop different skills

To learn Dutch, it is important to listen to Dutch songs and conversations, read Dutch news articles and speak Dutch as much as possible. Writing informal emails in Dutch is a great way of practicing too, and in the more advanced-level classes my students will also spend time on refining their writing style and fine-tuning a text until it is clear and concise.

Cultural exchange

My courses also encourage the exploration of different cultures. Of course, Dutch cuisine is not as inspiring as some dishes from around the world, but we can always exchange recipes!

Our course options

Group Courses

3 or more participants

Juffrouw Janssen provides customized small (online) group courses at your office, before work, after work or for example in your lunch break.

Individual Courses

1-2 participants

Whether it is practicing for the civic integration or the NT2 exam or improving your writing or conversational skills: together with Juffrouw Janssen you can take your Dutch to a higher level.

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What others say about Juffrouw Janssen

I had the chance to work closely with Lisa. She was one of the small team of authors collaborating on Rosetta Stone e-learning Dutch for Business Product, and she did an excellent work. She always brought smart and relevant pedagogical thoughts on what goals should be covered for a specific theme or CEFR level, as she is pretty well aware of corporate / adults training needs.
She also was very good at selecting and creating the right activity type to work on a specific skill or topic, which made the lessons pedagogically sound and efficient.
Lisa is very professional, open to discussion, and will always listen to feedbacks and be willing to make great improvements out of them. Lisa has wonderful interpersonal skills and it’s a real great pleasure to work with her.
I’m looking forward to have further opportunities to collaborate with Lisa in the future!

Karine Sonigo

Karine Sonigo

Editorial Team Manager, Language Learning Products

I met Lisa as my “Dutch as a second language” teacher during my masters studies in Amsterdam. She is a very enthusiastic teacher putting effort in engaging her students in the learning material and the lecture, and always sparing time for individual feedback. What I liked the most was the fact that she is not just teaching the language but also putting it in context and educates her students about the Dutch culture.

Portrait of Ceren Su Abacioglu

Ceren Su Abacioglu

PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam

Before starting my graduate studies at UvA, I took Lisa’s one-month intensive Dutch course. She tailored our lessons to the level of my small group, making every hour as productive as possible. Each lesson was practical and focused while being enjoyable and honestly fun. I used what I learned from Lisa every day in my Amsterdam interactions (you can usually get by with English alone, but the Dutch really warm up to you when you make an effort to speak their language). I recommend her services not only to all UvA students, but also to all expats living or working in Amsterdam. Lisa is the best resource in Holland for achieving a working proficiency, and I look forward to seeing her the next time I am in the Netherlands.

Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner

Senior Videoconferencing Coordinator, Deloitte

I had the pleasure of taking Lisa’s introductory Dutch course during a semester abroad in Amsterdam in 2018. Not only was she an excellent teacher, but she was also a wonderful person to be around. She takes a genuine interest in each of her students, and she radiates kindness. I always looked forward to her course, and I felt incentivized to learn the language.
Her feedback was helpful and constructive, and she was always patient with any of my questions or concerns.

If you’re looking for a Dutch tutor, I cannot recommend Lisa enough. I was so nervous about studying a new language, but she made the semester approachable and fun.

Julliette Wallace

Student Environmental Studies, Yale University